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Pre-Legal Services At Justice Served™, we prioritize a pre-litigation approach for every case. Despite our clients’ best efforts to reach their debtors, it often takes just one professional letter from us to resolve the issue. If the debtor is hard to reach via mail or phone, we offer a tracing service to locate them and complete the recovery process.

Our pre-litigation service includes regular, courteous follow-ups after our initial legal letter to understand the debtor’s stance on the claim. This allows us to provide updates to our clients as required. We strive to prevent your case from escalating to court proceedings.

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Benefits of pre-litigation

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save the stress

If a dispute cannot be resolved during pre-litigation, our Litigation Team, with their extensive, ethical, and diverse experience, will take over. They work diligently to minimize the impact on your business and daily life.

Compensation Rights 

Under the Late Payment of Commercial Debt Interest Act 1998, debtors must pay interest on the amount owed and reimburse reasonable recovery costs. This includes the cost of our pre-litigation service. If a customer does not pay for goods or services within a specific timeframe, you can request interest and a fee on top of the debt. The interest rate is the Bank of England base rate plus 8% per annum.

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Your Reputation is Safe with Us

At Justice Served™ we understand the importance of reputation. We take a careful, measured approach to each dispute resolution, working diligently to understand the situation and the opinions on each side before we embark on a course of action. Our attention to detail ensures that you can trust us to achieve your goals without impinging on your brand’s good name.

Whether a case requires courtroom litigation or a peaceful pre-litigation service, we are here to help. If you would like to find out more about your rights to compensation, we will be happy to assist.